Mediation and Dispute Resolution for
In-house Lawyers


Resolving disputes using mediation is a proven tool that can achieve successful outcomes while saving time, money and preserving relationships and reputations in ways that litigation or arbitration often cannot. Further, mediation offers a broader range of outcomes than those available through litigation or arbitration. Recent statistics indicate that 92% of mediations settle on the day or soon after.

Mediation is suitable for a wide range of domestic and international disputes including those with external suppliers and purchasers, multi-party, regulatory, plus internally to resolve employment and workplace disputes.

You wlll learn how to:

Represent your company at a mediation
Select a mediator
Prepare yourself and those attending
Negotiate and communicate during mediation
Deal with an impasse at a mediation
Get the most out of the process

This training is for:

This interactive training has been specifically tailored for lawyers, especially in-house lawyers dealing with employment disputes. It is also crucial learning for anyone involved in dispute resolution, including employment issues aswell as external disputes.

Bonus Courses

On this course you will learn what you need to know to represent your company successfully at a mediation. You will learn about the process of mediation, how to select a mediator, how to prepare yourself and those attending for it, what to expect on the day, how to negotiate and communicate better during the mediation, how to deal with an impasse at a mediation, how to reach a deal and how to get the most out of the process.

July 19 - 21, 2023

3 days


Abbey Mortgage Bank Building 51, Okota Road, Okota-Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.


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