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About Course

Python is a high-level, interactive and object-oriented programming language. Due to its applications in various sectors like Machine Learning, Virtual Reality (VR), Date Science, Web Development, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Python has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Interestingly, Python is a programming language that makes it easy for beginners to learn how to code, and ultimately, earn a living as a developer.In this training, students would be thought how to approach projects using the AGILE approach. With Django, you eliminate the need to write tonnes of repetitive code that are used in many different applications. Django is a secure, scalable, versatile, maintainable and upgradable python framework. Some popular platforms that were built with Django include Pinterest, Spotify, Instagram, Disqus, Youtube, Dropbox, Mozilla, Eventbrite, and many others.

You wlll learn how to:

Create and connect to database
Integrate with external APIs and payment systems
Build a database driven website, with authentications and security sessions.
Build a career portal and customised content management website
Build an e-commerce website

This training is for:

  1. Anyone who wants to build a strong foundation with Python.
  2. Anyone who wants to kickstart their career as a Python software developer.
  3. Anyone who wants to engage in Object-Oriented programming using Python.
  4. Anyone who wants to build applications to solve their own real-life projects.
  5. Anyone who wants to build automated systems to automate manual processes in their organizations.

Wednesday November 22, 2023

8 Weeks


Abbey Mortgage Bank Building 51, Okota Road, Okota-Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.


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