Kiddies Coding

Do you want to position your kids for the numerous opportunities that lie in the future?

Anyone who wants to thrive in today’s workforce and in the future must possess adequate digital skills. At Aledoy Academy, we prepare your kids for the future by moulding their minds in line with technology. We teach kids how to write codes and build real-time projects in a fun and engaging way. As kids love to play games, we first teach them how to build their own iterations of the games they love to play. This way, they can easily translate their knowledge into creating solutions to other real-life problems.

FIRST MODULE (Starting from Scratch)

1. Introduction to digital storytelling and creative programming
2. Familiarizing with the Scratch interface and creating first projects
3. Events, sequences and loops
4. Introduction to the x-y coordinate system in Scratch
5. Introduction to conditionals, parallelism and objects
6. Introduction to Boolean operators
7. Variables


1. Reviewing the basic computer science concepts algorithms, sequences, loops, conditionals
2. Deep dive into computer science concepts such as conditionals and functions
3. Introduction to data structures like lists
4. Cloning
5. Designing and programming Scratch games that read real world body movements and voice inputs


1. How a website works
2. Understanding tags and elements
3. Structural and semantic markup
4. How to add lists, links, images, tables, forms
5. How to add video, audio
6. Basic CSS rules
7. Working with fonts
8. Domain names and hosting


1. Process and Design
2. Layout
3. Advanced CSS
4. Basic JavaScript Instructions
5. Functions, Methods and Objects
6. Decisions and Loops
7. Document Object Model


Start Date: Monday November 22, 2021

Duration: 4 Weeks

Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Venue: Abbey Mortgage Bank Building. 51 Okota Road, Okota-Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.