Best Practices in arbitration and conflicts resolution

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify the right course of action to resolve a legal dispute
  • Reduce the possibility of disputes leading to legal action
  • Apply national and international legal requirements for dispute resolution
  • Employ arbitration knowledge to negotiate terms
  • Use case law to achieve a favorable outcome for their organization

FIRST MODULE (Fundamentals of dispute resolution)

1. Overview of the Conflicts resolution process
2. Methods of Conflicts resolution including: Introduction to High Court litigation processes

SECOND MODULE (Conflicts resolution in the organization)

1. The Alternative Conflicts Resolution (ADR) system
2. Importance of Alternative Conflicts Resolution

THIRD MODULE (Law systems)

1. Civil law system
2. Codification
3. Subgroups

FOURTH MODULE (Common law system)

1. Court decisions
2. Statutes
3. Introduction to international arbitration
4. Institutional versus ‘ad hoc’ arbitration
5. Introduction to mediation: The process and its principles

FIFTH MODULE (Arbitration in the organization)

1. The arbitration award and its enforcement


Session Date: August 8th - August 11th, 2022

Duration: 4 days

Venue: Abuja.

Price: ₦350,000