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The AcademyWe look forward to being part of your success story

Our ultimate joy lies in being mentioned as part of your success story

We ensure our students work on real life projects that form part of their portfolio.During and after the training, we offer continuous support to our trainees. Furthermore, trainees who wish to stay back after the training get to enjoy unhindered access to our facility.





Join our hall of fame

Our Hall of Fame is comprised of those individuals who have at some point been a notable part of our organization. Our hall of fame include some of our alumni who have gone on to earn themselves a name within the tech space; notable members of our past and current team; alongside certain individuals who have played a significant role towards our current realities.

Meet Our Facilitatorslet Our Facilitators help position you for success within the tech space

Lu Abikoye

Lead Facilitator

Pelumi Ajibola


Muyiwa Adewoye


Segun Adewoyin